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2015-2016 Bids

To request a BID/RFP, please email Mr. John Calavano at jcalavano@westorangeschools.org or Ms. Kathy Bissett at kpapabissett@westorangeschools.org.

 Bid#  Bid Date:  Bid Time:  Bid Description:  Bid Award:
 16-01  07/28/2015  11:00AM  Roof Shingle Replacement
 N/A  07/28/2015  11:00AM  Lesson Planner  View
 N/A  07/31/2015  11:00AM Copiers/Managed Print Services
 16-02  08/04/2015  11:00AM  Roof Restoration - WOHS View
 16-03  08/04/2015   11:15AM  Kitchen Equipment Repairs  View
 16-04  08/20/2015  11:00AM  HVAC Services View
 16-05  08/20/2015  11:15AM  HVAC Parts View
 16-06  08/20/2015  11:30AM  Tree Services  View
 16-07  09/29/2015  11:00AM    Roof Shingle Replacement  View
 16-09  11/13/2015  11:00AM  Snow Removal View
 N/A  02/12/2016  10:00AM  Architect of Record  
 N/A  03/01/2016  10:00AM  Audit Services  
 N/A    03/01/2016  11:00AM  Athletic/Field Trips View
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