• A guidance program shall be incorporated into the district's educational program to aid pupils in making informed and responsible decisions and in using effective decision-making processes. The guidance program shall be developed and coordinated by the Chief School Administrator in consultation with teaching staff members he/she has identified as possessing necessary skills and abilities, to help pupils acquire the insights and knowledge they need to become autonomous, mature members of adult society in a democratic nation.
    The purpose of the guidance program shall be to help pupils in learning to make their own decisions concerning life's many choices--personal, educational, and career/vocational.  The guidance program shall provide, as fully as possible, the information needed to make the best decisions concerning the pupil's educational program. Such information shall include facts such as test scores, grades and educational history. Pupil records may also include anecdotes, but shall not carry judgments, opinions and other advice.
    Pupils shall be encouraged to avail themselves of the help of the guidance department's personnel.  The guidance department in the high school shall encourage the visits of educational and occupational representatives, including military recruiters. The administration shall have a positive attitude toward granting permission to seniors to visit schools, colleges and places of employment during school time. Pupils must have prior approval of the guidance department for the scheduled visit.  Pupils shall be aided in finding part-time jobs when in school, and permanent employment upon graduation.
    Guidance services shall include establishment of a referral system that guards the privacy of the pupil and monitors the efficacy of such referrals, when district resources are not sufficient, as in drug or alcohol counseling.

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