Technology and Engineering

  • The Technology and Engineering Department offers a variety of courses that challenge students to solve real-world problems. Students apply our original “DECIDER” (describe, explore, compile, initiate, evaluate, and refine) design process to arrive at solutions and engineer project prototypes. Students study the evolution of inventions and innovations, evaluate the impact technologies have on society, analyze emerging technologies, and prototype their own innovations.  Performance-based technology learning activities throughout all our courses give students the opportunity to study technology and engineering content through hands-on experiences.

    The Technology and Engineering Department comprehensive curriculum includes programs such as Graphic Communications, Engineering, Electronics, Automotive Technology, Woodworking Technology and Architectural and Engineering Design.




    Our state of the art classrooms, shops, and labs feature:

    • Boss Laser Machine for laser cutting and engraving utilized throughout all our programs

    • Vinyl Cutter in Graphic Communications

    • Wheel alignment diagnostic and tire rotation machines in the Mountaineer Auto Shop

    • AutoCAD Design Suite software, Samsung Gear VR, and 7 new 3D printers in the Architectural and Engineering Design Studio

    • Creative Cloud Adobe Photoshop and InDesign software in the Graphics Communications classroom

    • Rhino Software for design and modeling

    • Roomba robots, Lego Mindstorms robotics kits and  Quadcopter Drones in Electronics

    • 360 Cameras in Photography

    West Orange is the home of Thomas Edison and where the modern world was invented. There is no better place than West Orange High School to discover, design, create, and fabricate. Our innovative teachers provide effective instruction that integrates craftsmanship, modern technology, and design activities that are constantly changing to adapt the latest technological improvements in our global society.


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Last Modified on January 19, 2023