Language Arts

  • Vital aspects of written and oral communication are stressed throughout the entire four-year language arts program at the high school. Priority is given to the development of speaking, writing, viewing, listening and reading skills. Compositions are required at all levels and are frequently related to the intensive appraisal and appreciation of literature. Effective, correct and appropriate usage in all phases of the language arts is encouraged. There is a continual emphasis on concept formation and depth of understanding.

    The curriculum design is based on ability grouping; therefore, students' selections, parents' assistance, counselors' advice, relevant test scores and teachers' observations are considered in the placement process. Proficiencies and performance objectives in all courses are clearly delineated.

    The Language Arts Program is designed to meet the needs of students at all ability levels. Advanced and Honor level courses are available to students possessing above grade level skills in reading and writing; independent study is encouraged. High expectations are maintained for all students at every ability level. More directed and structured class activities are conducted to meet the needs of those students at or below grade level in reading, vocabulary and language skills. Remedial experiences are provided for students who are not at grade level in verbal skills relative to performance on the district's standardized testing program.

    All English courses required for graduation are aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards.

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    Denise DeMartinis
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