Provisional Teacher's Program

  • The Public Schools
    West Orange, NJ
    STEP I:  Registration
    To begin the certification process as an employee of the West Orange school district, the Human Resources Department submits a copy of the candidate's CE or CEAS along with a Registration Form to the NJDOE Provisional Teacher Program.  (how to obtain a CE or CEAS certificate.) The NJDOE will then send a packet of forms and information to the district 's Executive Director of Personnel & Special Projects, Dr. Joseph P. Vespignani, who will maintain all communication and filing of paperwork for novice teachers in the district. Please review
    Certificate of Eligibility (CE)
    The CE (Certificate of Eligibility) is issued to those qualified applicants who have not completed a state approved college teacher training program (i.e..., alternate route candidates), but have completed a degree program, passed the Praxis, and passed a physiology and hygiene course or test.  Holders of the CE must attend a training program of formal instruction  (200 hours or more depending on the requirements of the certification) or a MAT alternate route program at an accredited college concurrently with on-the-job support and evaluations. All CE candidates are assigned mentor/s (individual or team) who provide intensive assistance during the first 20 days and continue mentoring throughout the next 30 weeks. CE candidates can also complete a Pathways pre-service training program. 
    Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS)
    The CEAS (Certificate of Eligibility with ADVANCED STANDING) is issued to those qualified candidates who are graduates of a state approved college teacher training program (i.e.., traditional route candidates), and have passed the Praxis.  All CEAS candidates are assigned a mentor for a 30-week period.
    STEP II: Provisional Certificate
    The NJDOE will issue a Provisional Certificate to the novice teacher that allows the holder to work in the classroom and legalizes employment.  The Provisional Certificate signifies that the applicant holds a CE or a CEAS and has accepted an offer of employment and confirms that the employing school district has agreed to provide the required support and supervision to the provisional teacher.

    A. Mentoring

    All mentors receive  training according to the District's Mentor Plan developed in accordance with the NJDOE professional development requirements. Mentors informally observe the provisional teacher’s classroom and provide feedback, coaching, and support in accordance with State guidelines and timelines. Mentors work with provisional teachers to:

    • Model effective instruction
    • Orient the provisional teacher to district policies, procedures, and expectations
    • Facilitate a compatible working relationship with the provisional teacher
    • Maintain a log of informal observations and post-observations as per timeline
    B. Fees
    Total fees as per state guidelines that are paid to mentors by the provisional teacher:
    $550   (30-week mentor fee automatically deducted)
    $1000 (34-week mentor fee automatically deducted)
    $100   Administrative fee for holders of a CE
    If not previously paid, or if requesting more than one certificate,  a $95 money order or certified check is required made payable to the "Commissioner of Education."    (See Fees Schedule.) 
    C. Evaluations
    Ten-week, twenty-week, and thirty-week evaluations must be completed on State forms by building principals and/or supervisors. Weeks are based upon the official registration date into the Provisional Teacher Program that is established by the  NJDOE.
    STEP III:  Standard Certificate
    After the 30-week evaluation, if the teacher is recommended for standard licensure, an APPLICATION for Standard Certification is submitted along with the 30-WEEK EVALUATION and ALL other necessary paperwork (such a Verification of Completion of coursework). THE TITLE OF THE CERTIFICATE MUST MATCH THE TITLE LISTED ON THE CE OR THE CEAS.

    A Standard Certificate issued by NJDOE is a permanent credential that allows the holder to serve without condition in all New Jersey public schools. The Standard Certificate signifies successful completion of the Provisional Teacher Program requirements while employed under a provisional license.
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