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Health Services Information

The West Orange Public Schools would like to be proactive in communicating important health information to parents/guardians. The district employs school based nurses and a district float nurse to meet the wellness and various medical needs of all students. Questions pertaining to your child’s health should first be addressed with your school nurse. Parents/Guardians are reminded to complete all forms relating to student health each year and update that information as necessary throughout the school year.

School Nurses
 Gregory Elementary School Sharon Anglum  973-669-5397 x 21520
 Hazel Elementary School Carolyn Ruderman 973-669-5448 x 22520
 Kelly Elementary School Nancy Feldman 973-669-5452 x 25520
 Mt. Pleasant Elementary School Jeanine Sauchelli 973-669-5480 x 23520
 Redwood Elementary School Oluwakemi Aborisade 973-669-5457 x 25520
 St. Cloud Elementary School Shena Brown 973-669-5393 x 26520
 Washington Elementary School Rosemary Alling 973-669-5385 x 27520
 Edison Middle School Elizabeth Ramos 973-669-5360 x 28520
 Liberty Middle School Rosemarie Lim 973-243-2007 x 29520
 Roosevelt Middle School Lila Kurzum 973-669-5373 x 30520
 West Orange High School
 Denise Werzen
 Rosalie Dudkiewicz
 973-669-5301 x 31522
 973-669-5301 x 31521


Overall students health needs have become more complex. The West Orange Public Schools District strives to not only meet the medical needs of its students but to improve the overall wellness of the school community.

It is documented that the health of children is inextricably correlated to their academic and social/ emotional development. The West Orange Public School District recognizes the critical nature of this linkage and supports the Health Services aspect of the Department of Special Services’ ongoing efforts to foster academic growth, physical well-being, and social and emotional development in all children.

The West Orange Public School District Special Services Department endeavors to consistently work collaboratively with school administrators, staff, medical advisers, local agencies, community members and parents/guardians. Recognizing that all members of the staff, other professionals, parents/guardians and community members participate in all health areas, the major responsibility for school-based health services lies with the certified school nurses and school physician.

District Health Forms

Last Modified on May 23, 2016