• Would you like to have your event/company advertised on the message board of West Orange's Public Education Channel (Comcast Channel 36 / Verizon Channel 45)? Simply click the link below and fill out the request form.

    TV36/45 Message Board Requests

    You can upload your picture or video with your request (please see below for requirements). If you don't have a completed photo for air, don't worry! You can opt to have one of our Media Department team members create your slide for you!

    Messages usually run for 2 weeks prior to your event. You can also choose a specific start and end date. Messages will air in between all programmed shows.


    • Pictures must be one of the following formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png (please use 4:3 aspect ratio)
    • Try to keep message under 25 words - use only the most important information
    • Videos must be in the following format: .mpeg2

    If you have any questions about format, content or would like more information, please contact Station Manager Lauren M. Grof-Tisza at media@westorangeschools.org or 973-669-5301 ext. 31535.


    Examples of messages that have played/are playing on the channel: