Independent Study Program

  • The West Orange Public Schools recognize significant self-designed learning experiences in the form of Independent Study. A student may receive credit for study which may not be available in the regular school curriculum or extend beyond the curriculum that is offered. Although credit may ultimately be applied to count towards graduation, these experiences are not graded other than pass/fail and will not be calculated into a student’s grade point average.

    Students must complete an online application which outlines study goals and objectives, supporting activities and methods of evaluation. Decisions concerning the suitability of a proposed project will be related to a student’s interests, abilities, and educational goals. Students who wish to apply for this program must enter into agreement with a WOHS faculty advisor in the form of a contract. A great amount of responsibility falls upon the student in designing the experience under the guidance of their faculty sponsor.

    In addition to any assessments that are drafted into the application and a presentation to a review board, both the sponsor and the student will complete a written evaluation. A student will receive 2 credits for approximately 80 hours of project activities and 4 credits for approximately 160 hours of project activities. A student may not earn more than a total of four credits in their high school experience. All applications must be approved by June of the preceding school year.

    The student, the parent, the faculty advisor, the guidance counselor and the department supervisor must sign the contract agreement as part of the approval process. Completed applications are submitted to the Office of the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction.

Last Modified on April 16, 2024