• Working Papers


    The way teens obtain working papers in New Jersey has gone digital as of June 1, 2023!

    Thanks to a new law, the working papers process will be online and streamlined.

    Rather than going through local schools, younger workers will simply visit this site and be walked through a few easy steps.

    Here’s how the new application works:   

    1. Teenagers and their employers each go to MyWorkingPapers.nj.gov to get started.  
    2. Employers receive a unique 8-digit code when they register, which they share with every minor they hire.  
    3. The minor completes the online working papers application, entering their caregiver’s name and email address, and the employer’s 8-digit code, which links the application to a specific employer.   
    4. Emails prompt the employer and caregiver to complete their portions of the application and sign off. Caregivers also will be asked to upload a copy of a birth certificate, passport or other official document verifying the minor’s age.  
    5. The minor begins working when their application is approved.  
    Rate of Pay for Young Workers in New Jersey - (Minimum Wage)
    EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2023 - The New Jersey minimum wage rate is $14.13 per hour.
    A minor is entitled to a minimum wage in the following industries:
    • Retail/Merchandising
    • Food Service (Restaurant)
    • Hotel/Motel
    • Beauty Culture
    • Laundry/Cleaning/Dyeing
    • Light Manufacturing Apparel
    • First processing of farm products
    Please be advised - Certain places are not required to pay minimum wage. Some examples are: Nursing homes, boardwalk and other seasonal amusements, summer camps, professional offices and libraries. However, jobs related to food service in any of the noted places must pay the minimum wage. (Example: An office worker in a nursing home can be paid less than the minimum wage; however, a dining room waitress in the nursing home must be paid at the minimum wage rate.)
    Please adhere to the information noted above to avoid any delay in processing your working papers.
    PLEASE BE ADVISED - Working Papers are submitted to the State of New Jersey - Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Any information omitted from the A300 form will delay employment for the minor applicant.
Last Modified on April 8, 2024