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    Hot off the press!  WOHS has just acquired the coolest Comic Platform ever!!! 


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     The Library Media Center (LMC) at West Orange High School offers a program that recognizes the uniqueness of the individual learner and the complexity of the learning process by providing a myriad of resources and technology that supports and extends the traditional methods and materials to encourage success in the 21st Century. These competencies are developed as an integral part of the total educational process that aims to meet the instructional and personal needs of each student.
    Meet Your Library Media Specialists
     Mrs. Christina Binns
    Library Media Specialist
    (973) 669-5301 ext 31533
    Fax: 973-669-8675

    Ms. Julie Matz

    Ms. Julie Matz
    Library Media Specialist
    (973) 669-5301 ext 31534
    Fax: 973-669-8675
    Screencastify Cerification
    Ms. Mullin
    Mrs. Nancy Mullin
    Supervisor of Career Education & Library Science












  • Check It Out!!! UPDATE

    Here are some ideas to help you and your students this week and throughout the rest of the year.  You can post links to them in Google Classroom.


    Friday - January 14th

    Looking for a way to stay connected to the world? Looking for hard-hitting journalism?

    The New York Times is the digital paper for you. Enjoy seamless, full access to The Times from anywhere in school on any device!

    No registration or login is required. Get your “copy” today!



    Thursday - January 13th

    3D Printing is "Virtually" in the LMC

    Paper and pencil not cutting it? Need to actualize your vision?

    3D Printing is the answer for you! Come to the Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch to make your 3D visions come true! 

    Visit Tinkercad to create your 3D design. Your only limit is your imagination! Use your WO-Google login to get started today!

    Be sure to contact Mrs. Binns, cbinns@westorangeschools.org, for all of your 3D printing needs. 


    Wednesday - January 12th

    Biographies with a Graphic Twist

    From Beyonce to Betty White, Obama to Osborne, Curie to Calamity Jane, COMICS PLUS offers graphic biographies & memoirs for pleasure or professional reading. 

    Comics Plus is a database located on the MackinVIA site.  To gain access, simply follow the directions by clicking HERE.



    Tuesday - January 11th

    Need to escape but can't travel? Visit MackinVia to get the escape you need!

    • Access hundreds of ebooks from anywhere;
    • Listen to the soothing sounds of our audiobooks;
    • Enjoy this and so much more in MackinVia today!

    MackinVia is one of the LMC’s digital databases and can be accessed from home via a WO Google sign-in. Type in the name of your school and follow the prompts. Don’t worry about a username/password.



    Monday - January 10th

    Visit the Calm Room presented by Teen Health & Wellness, for:

    • Visual Relaxation, such as listening and watching a waterfall, or walking in the woods;
    • Mindfulness & Meditation including short guided meditations for teens; and
    • Nature and Animal Cams such as puppies, penguins & polar bears!

    Teen Health & Wellness is one of the LMC’s digital databases and can be accessed from home via a WO Google sign-in.




If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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