• The Institute of Mathematics and Science (IMS) is an academically rigorous STEM program aimed to provide students with immersive learning within science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. To that end, students will be provided the opportunity to participate in problem-based learning experiences, with cross-curricular projects and assignments within the cohort. Field trips and guest speakers will give students exposure to college and career opportunities that are possible in the growing STEM environment.


    Admission to The Institute for Mathematics and Science: A STEM Academy is based upon the following criteria:



    1. Student must be recommended for the honors level in both Math and Science.

    2. Positive recommendations for the IMS program from both Math and Science teachers.

    3. Consistent and above average academic performance in all subjects.

    4. The ability to demonstrate critical thinking skills.

    5. NJASK 7 in Mathematics scores.

    6. Clear and thoughtful response to a three paragraph writing assignment. 

    7. Signature of parent/guardian on completed application.

    8. Requirements for the program will include, but are not limited, to attendance at special programs such as guest speakers and participation in subject area clubs and competitions.

Last Modified on March 13, 2018