Frequently Asked Questions about the Board of Education

  • What are the main responsibilities of WOBOE members?

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    The board of education adopts policies under which the school district operates; oversees the budget; approves the curriculum; hires and evaluates the superintendent; represents the public during contract negotiations; and serves as a communications link between the community and the school system. School board members have no authority except that which results from participation in decisions of the board during an official meeting. Board members are elected to represent the entire district in all matters pertaining to education, and not any one segment.

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  • What is the relationship between the Board and Superintendent? Who makes the final decisions?

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    The function of the Board is not to run the schools, but to see that they are run effectively. The Board establishes school district policy and goals, and communicates that to the superintendent. The superintendent is accountable to the Board, and all other staff members are accountable to the superintendent.  Teamwork between the board and superintendent is essential. Board members look
    to the superintendent for leadership and guidance on educational procedures.

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  • What is the relationship between Board members and teachers?

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    The Board is responsible for adopting the policies, rules and regulations that define
    the responsibilities of teachers (as well as other school employees), and for
    approving all employment contracts. Observation and evaluation of teachers is the
    job of the superintendent and those supervisors to whom he or she delegates the
    responsibility. The Board's role is to set standards, or expectations, in the form of
    policies that detail the criteria the superintendent should use in recommending and
    evaluating staff members. Board members can appoint, transfer or remove
    employees only upon the recommendation of the superintendent.

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  • Who decides how district money is spent?

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    The school budget is the district’s financial plan, and reflects all program needs. The
    Board’s budgeting responsibilities include discussing these needs and setting the
    parameters for budget development. The superintendent then works with other
    staff members to draft a budget to meet Board goals and student needs, complies
    with state regulations, and stays within the district’s financial resources. The Board
    adopts the budget after a public hearing and, after it is finalized, the superintendent
    is responsible for administering the budget. The Board provides financial oversight
    by signing off on the bill list to approve expenditures throughout the year.

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  • Does the Board have a say in deciding what is taught and which textbooks are used?

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    The Board is required by state law to approve courses of study, including all
    textbooks and materials. The Board asks its administrators to demonstrate how
    these curriculum materials will help students achieve the state’s Core Curriculum
    Content Standards. The Board establishes what will be taught, when and where it
    will be taught, to whom it will be taught, and with what materials. Administrators
    and teachers manage and carry out the instructional tasks.

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