• Course Scheduling
    Course Scheduling begins in January. All students will meet with their School Counselor to discuss their course requests. Please read through the Curriculum Bulletin online and prepare your questions before your appointment. Students are expected to give careful consideration to the courses chosen during the Course Selection Process.
    During your scheduled time, the School Counselor will:
    • Review current courses and teacher recommendations
    • Answer any questions you may have and review your graduation requirements and your career plans.
    • Recommend courses based on your academic performance and interest
    • Provide you with a print out of the courses that you have requested
    If you are unable to attend the scheduled time, please plan to meet with your School Counselor during lunch, before school or after school.
    Due to scheduling conflicts, there is a possibility you may not get your first choice elective. Please make sure that your first three choices are acceptable because you may not be able to make changes.
    If a schedule change is necessary, please be reminded of the following:
    • Students must maintain a minimum of 35 credits.
    • All course changes must be addressed prior to the beginning of the school year. Any changes requested after the start of the school year will not be made until the end of Quarter 1.
    • Student will remain in the course until the end of Quarter 1 for a full year and Semester 1 course and until the end of Quarter 3 for a Semester 2 course.
    • A WP or WF will appear on official transcript for any course that is dropped after the start of the school year.


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