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West Orange High School Receives $10,000 Sustainable Jersey/PSEG Grant

WEST ORANGE, NJ – The Technology and Engineering Department at West Orange High School received a $10,000 Sustainable Jersey/PSEG grant on May 29 for a “SustainaTree” project in conjunction with Dive Designs, a 3D printing company. Over the past five years, the department has applied for and received $26,000 in grants which directly benefited students.

SustainaTree is an exciting project that allows students to work alongside a renowned 3D printing company (DiveDesign) to design and construct 3D-printed trees made from recycled materials. Displaying SustainaTrees at the high school will create a visually stunning environment and will be used as an educational tool while showing the importance of sustainability. To do so, an Innovative Project and Education for Sustainability Integrated Unit will be incorporated into the Technology and Engineering curriculum. 3D trees can vary in size and appearance. West Orange High School once again leads the way in innovation as the first school to collaborate on the project with Dive Design.

“West Orange High School Technology and Engineering Department’s innovation continues to benefit our school district,” said Principal Oscar Guerrero.

“This achievement is a testament to their hard work and commitment to providing quality education,” he added.

Tech Grant

(L-R) Executive Director Randy Solomon of Sustainable Jersey, President and Director Calvin Ledford of Corporate Social Responsibility - PSEG, WOHS Technology and Engineering Instructor Cindy Celi, Chairperson Gary Sondermeyer of the Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees


Cynthia Cumming
June 6, 2024