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Performances Highlight Tri-M Induction Ceremony

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The annual Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) Honors Induction Ceremony was held at West Orange High School on Feb. 20, highlighting student performances and boasting a record number (45) of new inductees.

Tri-M Music Advisor John Hellyer welcomed inductees, family, and friends to the ceremony, held in the Library Media Center, and new inductee Sophia Jacob sang the National Anthem.


The String Quartet (Theo Brinkerhoff, Andrew Chan, Alexa Dias, Maya Kirton, Sahli Negassi, Henry Pfeifer) performed "Air" from "The Water Music Suite" by Handel; the Wind Ensemble Brass Chamber Group (Chester Koch, Ryan Sinha, Angie Montoya, Anthony Pondillo, Nico Espinosa) performed "Hungarian Dance" by Brahms; and, the Honors Chamber Choir performed "Esto Les Digo" by Kinley Lange, part of their upcoming repertoire at Carnegie Hall.

TRI-M Chapter 2854 Officers

President - Kayla Mengden
Vice-President- Chloe Zucker
Secretary - Dylan Miller
Treasurer - Yuxin Li
Orchestra Liaison - Matthew Emmanuel
Band Liaison - Daniella Malanga, Alexander Miller
Chorus Liaison - Hannah Florendo
Drama Liaison - Sam Selikoff

Tri-M officers led the new inductees in the Tri-M Pledge:

Tri-M Pledge: “We, the members of the West Orange High School music department, in order to foster a greater continued interest and a desire for excellence in music performance; to encourage appreciation and awareness in listening to music; to promote wider opportunities for sharing joy through music both within our school and within our community; to advance the spirit of good music and musical knowledge; and to enhance the reputation of our school as a center for musical enrichment accept the honor now granted to us.”

New Inductees

  1. Ari Allen-Santiago
  2. Maliha Assad
  3. David Attia
  4. Morgan Baskin
  5. Robeson Bennett
  6. Theo Brinkerhoft
  7. Bethzaveth Canto
  8. Nicolas Cespides
  9. Simone Dalencourt
  10. Angeley Delva
  11. Alexa Dias
  12. Erin Feeney
  13. Jennifer Fernandes
  14. Laila Fowlkes
  15. Alyssa Frederic
  16.  Reginald Germain
  17.  Alicia Germain
  18.  Nakhayla Green
  19. Adom Haile-Selassie
  20.  Noam Haile-Selassie
  21.  Mason Insana
  22.  Sophia Jacob
  23.  Cory James
  24.  Maya Kirtan
  25.  Tyler Lai
  26. Sam Lewis
  27.  Charlie Lipshultz
  28. Josie Mair
  29.  Alyx Martos
  30.  Jonathan McDonald
  31.  Angie Montoya
  32. Jessica Montoya
  33.  Steven Mulvihill
  34.  Sahli Negassi
  35.  Ava Neretic
  36. Anestis Pavlidis
  37. Lucia Pereira
  38. Sofia Pereira
  39. Christopher Pierre
  40. Olivia Raines
  41. Joanna Rubinstein
  42. Clesnise Saint-Sulne
  43. Leila Slaten
  44. Amelie Swayze
  45.  Ogechi Udechukwu

PERFORMANCE : “Esto Les Digo” by Kinley Lange

"We are very proud of the students in the Tri-M Music Honors Society and all of the students who participate in the many performing groups available to them at WOHS: Concert Choir, Honors Chamber Choir, Glee Choir, Jubilee Choir, Tenor and Bass Choir, Treble Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, Color Guard, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra, Royal Strings, Spring Musical, Dance, Step Teams, and more," said Hellyer.
"Music Education is crucial to academic success - studies have shown that students involved in their school music programs perform better academically. In fact, the President of Tri-M is the Salutatorian of the Class of 2024," he added.

Music and Theater Department Faculty

  • Mr. John Hellyer, Chapter Advisor
  • Mr. Lewis Kelly
  • Mrs. Erin Lagatic
  • Ms. Wendy Mapes
  • Dr. Elena Peres
  • Mr. David Rhone
  • Mr. Joshua Zimmer


Tri-M Induction


Cynthia Cumming
Feb. 21, 2024