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Kelly Elementary Fourth Grade Students Move on in Partnership for a Drug Free America Competition

WEST ORANGE, NJ -  Kelly Elementary School Counselor Florence Chirichiello recently conducted the annual fourth grade Red Ribbon Week folder contest in conjunction with a Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey with the theme "Fun things to do instead of doing drugs."

Mrs. Chirichiello and Kelly Art teacher Nicole Siebert selected winners from each classroom, and students were given certificates and dog tags with drug-free messages donated by the West Orange Municipal Alliance. The winners' entries will move on to a state-wide competition. 

Kelly Red Ribbon

Mrs. Chirichiello with students.


The list of winners is below:


Harold Castillo -4M

Amanda Cuevas- 4M


Mekayel Moliere-4W

Adonis Quive-4W

Janelle Desir-4W

Layla Ortiz-4W


Kaylee Smith- 4L

Andrew Tigre-4L

Charley Badawi-4L


Mia Morel-4D

Autumn Burt-4D

Blake Myers-4D


Stella Perez-4GH

Olivia Rios-4GH

Cynthia Cumming
Dec. 6, 2022