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West Orange High School Technology Department to Receive International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Program Excellence Award

WEST ORANGE, NJ – The West Orange High School Technology Department will receive a prestigious “Program Excellence Award,” sponsored by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEAA). The award is one of the highest honors given to technology and engineering programs and is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession and students in superior K-12 technology and engineering education programs around the world. 

As a result, award-winning programs serve as a standard for comparison and models for the development of other programs. This underscores the importance that each program selected reflects contemporary technology engineering education. Awardees serve as models for their colleagues, inspiration to their communities, and leaders in their region, province, or state as proponents of advancing technological literacy for all. 

“We had to submit an application to our local NJTEEA first and then be chosen from all the New Jersey applicants to go on to the ITEEA recognition,” began Technology and Engineering Supervisor Ryan DelGuercio. 

“Elements of the application included our program main objectives, what the program is designed to do for students, the nature of our daily activities, examples of activities, how the program is integrated within the overall and school curriculum, and how we are preparing our students for the future,” he continued. 

On Sept. 29, NJTEEA Executive Director Frank Caccavale notified DeGuercio that “our local association's awards committee met and discussed many fine candidates from across our state for this year's High School Program Excellence Award presented by the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association. I was pleased this morning to submit the necessary paperwork to present the Program Excellence Award to West Orange High School.” 

The award will be presented during March's ITEEA conference. 

DelGuercio was excited to share the news. 

“Much of our success can be attributed to our amazing teachers that possess content knowledge and skills across several different subject areas, and our students that continually step up to the challenges that we present to them on a daily basis. These project-based challenges focus on real-world problem-solving situations taking place through authentic learning experiences," he stated. 

The Technology and Engineering staff includes teachers from West Orange High School and Edison, Liberty, and Roosevelt Middle Schools. 

High School Technology and Engineering  

Deb Coen

Cindy Celi 

Anthony Prasa

Rudy Petrella

Catherine Gardner 

Max Grossman  

6-8 STEM  

William Fatica 

Charlotte Ayes 

Anne Zhang 

West Orange High School Principal Hayden Moore added, "I am very proud of Mr. Del Guercio and the teachers who work in our Technology and Engineering Departments in the West Orange School District. Our departments have become outstanding examples of the progressiveness that embodies our West Orange Schools.”

Follow the Technology and Engineering Department on social media at:

Instagram: @wohs_tech_engineering
Twitter:  @woteched 
Tech and Engineering

 (L-R) Ryan DelGuercio, Catherine Gardner, Anthony Prasa, Cindy Celi, Max Grossman, Deb Coen, Rudy Petrella, and Hayden Moore. Not pictured: William Fatica, Charlotte Ayes, Anne Zhang.

Tec Rec

 Oct. 18 Board of Education recognition: (L-R) BOE Liasion Rhoda Oni, William Fatica, Deb Coen, Rudy Petrella, Anthony Prasa, Cindy Celli, Max Grossman, Catherine Gardner, Ryan DelGuercio, BOE President Terry Trigg-Scale, BOE member Cheryl Merklinger, Supt. Dr. Scott Cascone, BOE VP Jennifer Tunnicliffe, Board Members Gary Rothstein, and Melinda Huerta, and BOE Liaison Bahram Mehretu.





Cynthia Cumming
Oct. 30, 2021