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West Orange Summer School Ends on High Note

WEST ORANGE, NJ - 65 West Orange High School students in grades 9-12 completed studies in Algebra, English, US History, Biology, and Chemistry to comply with graduation requirements on July 27.
The program began on July 28. This year's course offerings were:
Algebra I (Ms. Bollotta) and II (Mr. Tick), Geometry (Ms. Hoffer), English 11 (Mr. Salaam) and 12 (Mr. Ribardo), US History II (Ms. Toriello), Biology (Ms. Connors), and Chemistry (Dr. Duca).
Sessions ran from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. The minimum passing grade was 60 percent, or a "D".
"It's important to keep our students on track and help them meet their graduation requirements," said WOHS Principal Hayden Moore.
"Thank you to our teachers for their commitment and to our Mountaineers for putting the work in to achieve their goals."
  Summer School
 Dr. Duca - Chemistry
Summer School
 Mr. Salaam - English
Summer School
 Ms. Bollota - Algebra
Cynthia Cumming
July 28, 2021