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West Orange Student Nava Brickman Donates to Those in Need

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Rising Edison Middle School student Nava Brickman wanted to make sure that the Sustainable Development Goal project in her Gifted and Talented Class came to fruition, and as a result, several book bags, items of clothing, and food were distributed this summer to the community in need.


“Nava did not want to see her efforts go to waste and at the end of the school year and with the help of her mom and brother collected the materials to be donated to a shelter in need,” stated Gifted and Talented teacher Rebecca Giacopelli.


“The third trimester project focused on poverty and homelessness,” continued Giacopelli.


“As a team leader, Nava organized a Book Bag for the Homeless drive in the seven elementary schools and also collected clothing,” she continued. 


Superintendent Dr. Scott Cascone donated backpacks to the project and Nava, with the help of her brother Buzzy and mom Selene, not only delivered them and the collected clothing to a local shelter, but food to the Central Office Food Pantry and the Holy Trinity-West Orange Food Pantry.


“I am so proud of Nava’s work, dedication, and motivation to change the world around her,” concluded Giacopelli.


Nava Brickman

Cynthia Cumming
Aug. 20, 2020