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West Orange High School Alumna Nominated for Grammy in World Music

WEST ORANGE, NJ -  West Orange High School Class of 2001 graduate Nathalie Joachim has been nominated for a Grammy in the World Music Category for her  album, “Famn D’Ayiti.”


The accomplished flutist, vocalist, and composer explores her Haitian heritage and the music of its iconic female artists in Joachim's first solo album, written for flute, voice, string quartet, and electronics and recorded with Chicago’s Spektral Quartet.


Joachim was an outstanding flutist and played in the marching band while at West Orange High School. Upon graduation in 2001, Joachim attended Juilliard School of Music and begin to embark upon an extraordinarily successful journey. 


She has worked with top musicians and ensembles, is a former member of Eighth Blackbird and co-founder of Flutonix, an urban art-pop duo that performs everything from classical to Indie music. Her skills as a composer are in high demand and she regularly writes for instrumental and vocal artists, dance, and interdisciplinary theater.


The Grammys will be televised on Jan. 26 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Read more about Nathalie Joachim and her accomplishments here.


Nathalie Joachim

 Nathalie Joachim (photo courtesy of


See a video of the artist performing songs from “Famn D’Ayiti” below.





Cynthia Cumming
Jan. 9, 2020