Preschool Expansion Updates Year 2:  2023-2024

  • The West Orange Public Schools is pleased to announce that approximately 200 additional preschool seats will be available for the 2023-2024 school year as part of the Year 2 Preschool Expansion Plan for general education students.

    Currently Serving
    In partnership with local providers, the district is currently serving 150 preschool students across three (3) locations.

    • West Orange Early Childhood Learning Center, 242 Main Street, West Orange
    • West Orange Community House, 242 Main Street, West Orange
    • Montclair Child Development Center (Head Start), 33 Fulton Street, Montclair

    Additional Preschool Locations
    In partnership with local providers, the district is planning to expand preschool offerings across six (6) different locations for the 2023-2024 school year.  The additional preschool locations, pending Board approval, will be posted in June 2023.  Students will be assigned to the locations by the district. 

    Preschool Eligibility

    • All 3 and 4 year old residents of the West Orange Public Schools are eligible to preregister.
    • 3 year old students already enrolled in the preschool program (for both district and private provider classrooms) will be given first priority for 2023-2024 enrollment.
    • Remaining preschool seats will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  First come, first served applies to parents/guardians that have fully completed the registration process, to include the submission of all required documentation to the district registration office, as per board policy.

    Preschool Pre Registration
    Pre Registration will open the week of March 6th, commencing with the events listed below.  

    The registration process for preschool expansion will be open March 6th until all seats are filled. Parents/Guardians interested in registering their child for preschool will need to:

    • Preregister in-person or online
    • Schedule a meeting with the district registration office for residency verification and to submit required documentation.
    • Students will be assigned to the locations by the district. 
    • Parents/Guardians eligible for preschool will be notified of placements by June 2023.


    • Preschool Expansion for General Education Students
      For questions regarding the preschool expansion program for general education students, please email Kalisha Dorlean, Supervisor at
    • Preschool Disabilities Program @ Betty Maddalena Early Learning Center / Washington Elementary
      Preschool students requiring special services will apply directly to the Betty Maddalena Early Learning Center Preschool Disabilities Program.  The preschool disabilities program follows a specialized process.  To inquire about or apply to this program, parents/guardians may contact Constance Salimbeno, Principal at or Zulejka Baharev, Director of Special Services at