Preschool Expansion Update

  • Preschool Expansion Update

    The West Orange Public Schools will seek to apply for Preschool Expansion Aid in August 2022 in order to provide preschool programming for 90% of our 3 and 4 year old general education population, at no cost to parents, within the next 5 years.  Our primary aim is to:

    • Make early childhood education accessible to all West Orange preschool age children
    • Ensure that all students enter Kindergarten with a high quality early childhood experience

    A Preschool Expansion Update will be presented to the Board of Education and West Orange school community on May 23rd at 7:30pm.

    To read about our progress to date, please click on the appropriate link below to view the PreSchool Expansion Parent Update letter.


    Please Note:  The Preschool Expansion Plan referenced here is specific to the District's intent to provide preschool for West Orange residents over the next five years.  This expansion plan is independent of our current Preschool Disabilities program at the Betty Maddelena Early Learning Center (BMELC), located at both Northfield Avenue and Washington School.  If you have any questions regarding the BMELC Preschool Disabilities Program, please visit the BMELC site for more information.