School Instructional Schedule

  • The instructional schedule consists of 2.5 to 4.5 instructional hours per day, culminating in a 13.5 to 18 hour week (depending on the grade span, as indicated below).

    These hours are in compliance with the state-mandated rules for home instruction, and therefore count toward the 180-day statute while the physical school buildings are not in session due to a health-related closure.

    Elementary School (PreK-5)
      -  2.5+ hour day, culminating in a 13.5 hour week

    Middle School (6-8)
      -  2.9 hour day, culminating in a 14.6 hour week

    Secondary School (9-12)
      -  4.5 hour day on a day rotating schedule, culminating in an 18 hour week.