WOHS Mission Statement

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    West Orange High School, a vital part of a culturally and linguistically diverse community, challenges and encourages students to strive for excellence through rigorous and comprehensive programs, to become active members of their community, and to emerge as lifelong learners. To this end, we are committed to superior classroom instruction, a safe and nurturing environment, and a partnership with family and community.
    The mission of the West Orange Public Schools is to engage in an energetic partnership with all components of this culturally-diverse community, to marshal resources to assist all students to reach their full potential through an academic emphasis on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, to promote the highest quality intellectual and human relations development of our pupils, and to instill in all students the knowledge and decision-making skills essential to make appropriate choices and successfully meet the challenges they will encounter as productive members of society.


    I.  Personal Development

    A.  Students will develop:

    1.  The ability to think creatively, independently and critically,

    2.  the skill of logical analysis,

    3.  the ability to apply the lessons learned in one area to another.

    B.  Students will develop a positive self-image and a sense of personal dignity.

    C.  Students will develop effective work and study habits.  They will learn to:

    1.  value and enjoy learning for its own sake.

    2.  develop the ability to work both independently and cooperatively.

    3.  develop the ability to find and use information.

    4.  take pride in one’s work.

    D.  Students will acquire good health habits and an understanding of the conditions necessary for maintaining physical well-being.

    E.  Students will learn how to manage leisure time.

    II.  Social Development

    A.  Students will develop knowledge and skills in the area of family living and human relations.

    B.  Students will learn to appreciate, respect and accept ethnic, religious, cultural, racial and sexual differences.

    C.  Students will develop an appreciation of the individual’s role in a changing society through an understanding of:

    1.  attitudes and skills needed to maintain lifetime learning

    2.  the interdependence of people

    3. social and ecological responsibilities

    4.  legitimate authority and responsible differences of opinion

    Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding that permit individuals to play satisfying and responsible roles as producers and consumers.

    III.  Academic Development

    A.  Students will achieve the basic skills in communication:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    B.  Students will develop an appreciation and understanding in the area of fine and applied arts, music, literature and technical and vocational education.

    C.  Students will achieve functional mathematical skills.

    D.  Students will develop an understanding and an appreciation of science.

    E.  Students will study history and geography and its application to the modern world.

    F.Students will be encouraged to study and appreciate foreign languages and cultures.

    G.  Students will develop, through guidance experiences, the knowledge and skills necessary to plan for their lives after graduation.

    IV.  Citizenship Development

    A.  Students will understand the rights, privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.

      • Students will understand the American Political process.