West Orange Mountaineer Academy

  • The West Orange Mountaineer Academy provides a quality and inclusive educational environment that helps students develop a strong academic work ethic, positive character, consistent accountability, and coping skills to guide them in transitioning back to traditional classes outside of the academy.
    Our success is driven by:

    • A smaller learning environment that promotes student confidence, student engagement, and as a result improves student academic progress.

    • Providing students with a positive and non-threatening atmosphere where they understand they have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to learning.

    • Positive reinforcement behavior modification strategies through reward based incentives.

    • Addressing the social and emotional needs of students daily.

    • A structured learning environment with additional support staff.

    • Carefully selected staff who demonstrate a desire to work with at-risk students and receive ongoing professional development such as “Dealing with At-Risk Students.”

    • A program coordinator who builds strong rapport with each student and parent/guardian.  The coordinator works closely with the Child Study Team and School Counselor to develop a personalized academic goal for each student.

    • The Academy coordinator communicates with outside agencies that deliver therapeutic services to our students.