• Attention West Orange Seniors of the Class of 2019:


    The West Orange Scholarship Fund applications for students graduating high school in June of 2019 will be accessible online FRIDAY, February 1st. (The link will be emailed to all seniors and will be accessible at multiple access points on that date.)

    Completed application forms must be submitted by:

    Monday April 1st, 2019 by 3:00PM

    Submissions received after that time will not be considered for 2019 Awards.

    You can only access the online West Orange Scholarship Fund Application with your school-issued Google account. Please make sure you read all instructions and watch the video tips before making your final submission.

    Verizon has reversed its decision to charge fees for using The Remind App, therefore we will be using it  to send West Orange Scholarship Fund notifications. We will also be notifying students regularly via their school email about application updates. You and your parents can join REMIND in the following way:
    Join REMIND

    Stay Tuned!


    Any questions regarding the application should be directed to:
    Mrs. Deb Weston
    Co-Vice President, Awards
    West Orange Scholarship Fund Trustee
Last Modified on January 30, 2019