Your Media Balance

    We use many types of media everyday but how often do you think about why and how much you use?  And how does it make you feel?

    Watch this quick video and start thinking about your media balance.

    Media Balance

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  • makerspace

    Here are some maker projects that you can try at home to relax and express your creativity.


  • Follett Destiny  

    You can find our ebooks by clicking above and opening the Destiny Discover tab from the left column. Use your Google account to check one out.

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    New books are added to these apps all the time so check them out. 

  • newsela

    Click above to read about current events and the latest news on a wide range of topics, such as science, health, sports, and the arts.  Be sure to sign in with your Google account username and password.

  • Mackin Via


    MackinVia contains many ebooks and audio books.  Use your school Google sign-on to open it.



    Check #DeweyBrowse, a collection of websites arranged by Dewey Decimal number.  For you puzzle fans, check out 793.73 to find some mazes, word puzzles, and other fun games!

  • Welcome to the EMS LMC

    Welcome to Edison, newest Knights!

    We are so happy that many students visit the LMC each day.  Team advisory days are: Green Team: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  Gray Team: Monday,  Wednesday, Friday  Yellow Team: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.  Talk to your advisory teacher to get a pass to come during one of those times.  Don't forget to stop by and check out our MakerSpace activities, too.


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    Lots to learn with Tim and Moby.  Sign in with your Clever account.

  • Discovery Education

    Open Discovery Education for outstanding collection of resources for teachers and students. Students can now log on with their Google username and password.

  • Tinkercad

    Tinkercad is the software we use for 3D printing in the LMC.  Click on the link to join your 3D printing class when instructed by your science teacher or Ms. Bochese.