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    "Brightly provides passionate parents, educators, and caregivers with the tools they need — such as tips and advicebook recommendationsBrightly Storytime, which features read-aloud and flip along videos, and more — to keep kids connected to books through every age & stage of life. We take pride in working with a diverse group of contributors, authors, and partners who cover a wide range of topics for readers of all ages in order to cultivate a love of books and reading in children."

    Common Sense Wide World Espanol

    From Common Sense Media

    ¡Bienvenidos a Wide Open School!
    Esperamos que estos recursos educativos y de apoyo para familias les sirvan de ayuda en estos tiempos de dificultad y aprendizaje a distancia.

    Parent/Caregive Guide

    Wide Open School offers a range of fun and educational activities for families.

    Parent Trapped Podcast

    Click above to access a podcast with some advice (and humor) to help parents navigate this new home-teaching environment.

    Nat Geo

    National Geographic offers 12 activities to do with your children.

    "Experts agree, play helps us understand our world, develop key social skills, build self-confidence, and mature emotionally as we grow. Play allows children and youth to be creative and encourages them to be curious, a key attitude in the National Geographic Learning Framework, which, we believe, will build the next generation of empowered explorers." 

    Broadway Direct

    Missing the excitement of Broadway?  Here are some Broadway-themed activities to do with your family, from face painting like the Lion King to downloadable coloring pages.


    "DKfindout! allows your child to search, learn, and explore information on a safe and secure site. Perfect for help with homework, DK’s clear, reliable, and highly visual content covers all curriculum subjects and more!"