• Check your child's homework book each night.  
    • Be sure to look through your child's home folder everyday.  Look for important notices and remove papers that have been checked by the teacher.
    • Encourage your child to learn organizational skills by helping to pack his/her backpack before coming to school, rather than packing it for your child.


    Ways to Support Reading at Home

    ·     Read to your child and model good reading habits (making predictions, asking questions, making a movie in your mind, retelling key events)

    ·     Have your child read to you

    ·     Have conversations about books (about different characters, lessons learned, genres, etc.)

    ·     Read together out loud (choral reading)—this is a great way to model fluent reading (reading that sounds smooth)

    ·     When your child gets stuck on a tricky word, rather than telling him/her the word, ask your child to be a “word solver.”  Ask your child these questions: Does it look right?  Does it sound right?  Does it make sense?

    Ways to Support Writing at Home

    ·     Ask your child what patterns he/she is learning in school and look for words with these patterns in books or practice writing words with these patterns

    ·     Ask your child to look through his/her work to check for correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing between words

    ·     Discuss possible writing topics with your child

    ·     Practice writing the word wall words at home (word wall words can be found on our classroom website under “High Frequency Words”)

    ·     Play word games! (Boggle, Scrabble, etc.)

    Ways to Support Math at Home

    ·     Practice counting by 2s, 5s, 10s

    ·     Practice addition and subtraction problems 

    ·     Practice counting and exchanging coins