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Roosevelt Middle School Graduates 244

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Roosevelt Middle School graduated 244 eighth grade students on June 20, marking an important transition in their lives.


Principal Lionel Hush and Assistant Principal Marc Lawrence greeted a capacity crowd at West Orange High School for the ceremony.


A moment of silence for cadet Christopher Morgan, who passed away on June 6, predicated the ceremony as Lawrence asked all audience members who had family or had served in the military, to stand for recognition.


Principal Hush then delivered his commencement speech, bringing laughter from knowing families.


“I can imagine that to you it feels like just yesterday they were still cute little elementary school children eager to take on the world. Eager to help out around the house, wanting to help cut the grass, imitating any and everything you did. They had the cute little outfits, the cute little expressions, and the look of peace and tranquility when they slept. Thoughts of those times may make you want to have another child - until you remember that all those wonderful memories came to a screeching halt when adolescence set in and you have a difficult time recognizing the child that you brought into this world.”


Hush offered important advice to the graduating teens.


“Graduates, as you move forward in your life’s journey remember that the people you surround yourself with will either raise or lower your standards. They will either help you to become the best version of yourself or encourage you to become lesser versions of yourself…choose your friends wisely.”


To parents, Hush added, “Be proud. There are some amazing young men and women in this eighth grade class and they will be missed dearly. Our job as educators can be taxing, tiring, and frustrating at times. Seeing the strength, the kindness, the joy, and the genuine caring nature of so many of these children not only made it easy to go to work every day, it made me look forward to going to work.”


The Roosevelt Chorus performed “Be What You Wanna Be,” under the direction of Patrick McLaughlin. The band performed “The Forge of Vulcan,” by Michael Sweeney under the direction of Roger Bryson.


Roosevelt Awards and Recognitions followed:


Mayor's Citizen

Leah Munoz and Randall Stevens


Jack Ramsay Award for Art

Ariana Espinal and Christopher Valere


Betty Lou Hardy Award for Creative Writing

Grace Coleman


Award of Excellence

Meher Malhotra and Mason Bashkoff


Carol Sadler Kindness of Heart Award

Delia Kravitz, Charlotte Beetar, and Christopher Valere


Students to Watch

Sophia Reyna and Nikhil Prasad


In addition, several students were recognized with the Presidential Award for Educational Achievement (all As and Bs) and the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence (all As).


Diplomas were distributed and the rising freshmen were welcomed to West Orange High School by Principal Hayden Moore.


 “Here at West Orange High School our core mission is to encourage our Mountaineer students to climb towards Academic excellence.


But in addition to your academic studies, we also urge all students to become involved in high school life. That simply means join clubs and teams and just make some everlasting friendships and memories.


I look forward to greeting you in September as your principal and to our next four years together. Best wishes to the graduating Class of 2019, and the future high school graduating Class of 2023.”


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RMS Graduation

Principal Lionel Hush makes his Commencement Speech.

 RMS Graduation

WOHS Principal Hayden Moore welcomes students.


"Be What You Wanna Be"

 "The Forge of Vulcan"

Cynthia Cumming
June 22, 2019