• EBooks - Books to read online:

    Fiction and Non-fiction books to enjoy.

    Most of these links will log you in through Clever

    and/or with your West Orange Google User name and Password (choose "login with Google" when that is the option)

    For some, you may need the User Names and Passwords from our password sheet:

    log in to your school Google account and go to our online resources list.


      mackin  Comics Plus MackinVIA allows you to check out many popular ebooks and audiobooks! and also access databases like DKFindout! - DK’s clear, reliable, and highly visual content covers all curriculum subjects.   It is all set up - just choose to log in with your/your child's West Orange Google account and/or Clever. If it asks for the school name, just make sure you of course choose the Redwood in West Orange and then it will let you use the Clever/WO Google login option.  If you need help, look at my How-to slides MackinVia How-to   NOW INCLUDES COMICSPLUS - a database of 1000s of Graphic Novels and Graphic Nonfiction !!!  Remember - The only way to use ComicsPlus is by going through MackinVia first!




      Follett Follet How-to use   Find out what books we have in our library and online!  Choose Login, then log in with your school Google account.

     SORA    SORA  also has ebooks, and you can link to WOPL  and check out their ebooks and those from many, many different NJ libraries if you have their library card. Make sure you follow the instructions in our help video when you log on for the FIRST time.


    world book   World book Ebooks -- Health, science, animals, social studies, and more. Should log-on seamlessly via your West Orange Google Account and/or Clever, but if necessary use our user name & Password from our online resources list.

    TrueFlix   Social Studies & Science non-fiction E-Books and resources. Use our user name & Password on Redwood School's Online Resources  (must be logged in to your West Orange Google account to access)


     International children's Digital Library   Features a collection of free children’s ebooks from around the world, including 73 languages! No log-in needed.

     Oxford Owl    Oxford Owl – This website by the Oxford Press offers ebooks and support for children’s learning at home and in school. No log-in needed.

    The Wormwood Saga If you are missing your Graphic novel, fantasy, adventure books, try The Wormwood Saga - free online.