• Redwood LMC Procedures

    Our Library is a learning environment where many different educational activities take place every day. Scheduled classes meet for lessons on Library skills, technology, and book genres. As Librarians, our goal is to instill in every child the joy of reading for pure pleasure. We also help students become life-long learners by introducing them to ways that information is organized, and how they can best find what they need/want to know using both books and technology.


    Our library has fiction and non-fiction books pertaining to all areas of the curriculum as well as for general information and just plain fun. A variety of topics are offered in our Library, with a focus on reflecting our diverse population. Students can always find something on our shelves that will pique their interest. Of course, we also have access to the Internet and online databases that students can use at school or at home.


    • Each class comes to the library weekly. Every student is given the opportunity to borrow any book they want. 
    • K can have 1 book out at a time. 1st - 5th graders may have 2 books out, and may occasionally be allowed an additional book for a special classroom assignment.  
    • Students are expected to return their book as soon as they are finished with it so that they can replace it with another book during their library class. Books must be returned on the day BEFORE their library class so that we will be able to make sure the books are back.
    • If a student fails to return or renew his/her book(s) on time, then he/she is not allowed to check out any more books until the overdue book is returned. 
    • Please help your child by finding a safe place to always keep library books at home and by helping them remember to return their books when they are finished reading them. 
    • Of course, any lost book(s) must be paid for. If any student owes books or money at the end of the year they will not be given their report card. 
    • If your child receives an overdue notice and you think there has been a mistake, please send a note in with your child or leave me a message at 973-669-5457 ext. 25530 or email at lboyd@westorangeschools.org.

    Remember that children choose books for a variety of reasons, not just to improve their reading. They may want to just skim a nonfiction book looking at the pictures and gathering some interesting facts, or they may want to revisit an old friend. Of course, students should be (and are) encouraged to sometimes pick a more challenging book, but some books are just for their own enjoyment.

    Please remember too, that reading to and with your children, no matter their age or whether they can read independently or not, is a worthwhile experience for your entire family, and it is also one way to introduce more challenging material.  Please do it often!

    We are looking forward to the many new and exciting books and activities that will be happening at the Library this year!

    Mrs. Boyd & Ms. Mitterman