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  • Welcome to Redwood Elementary School! We are a K-5 Elementary School located in West Orange, New Jersey. Every unit covered will immerse children into a real-life situation in order to help make what they are learning about applicable and allowing them to see why they would need to learn about it.



    If you are new to the area and would like a tour of our school, please contact Dr. Heather Carr, our interim school principal, in order to schedule a time to do so.


    "School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside." - Chinese Proverb



    HIB Anti-Bullying Information
    Dr. Heather Carr, Interim Principal
    973-669-5457 x. 25510 /

    Ana Marti, Anti-Bullying Specialist/Assistant Principal
    973-669-5457 x. 25511 /
    Rebecca Buetel, Anti-Bullying Specialist
    973-669-5457 x. 25601 /
    HIB Grade = 72

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