• STEM  

    Do you like to make things? Are you interested in science?

    Enjoy exploring these sites!


    NEW!! Suggested by a fellow Redwood student!! Dinosaur container  Reusing Plastic Bottles: Crafts and Projects


    Met Kids Create   MetKids-Create - Videos on creating various projects

      Smithsonian Education Collection   Smithsonian Games: educational games, simulations, videos, eBooks, and hands-on lessons that require simple materials found at home.

    Nasa Climate Kids   NASA Climate Kids - Information, games, activities, videos, and more!

    Nat geo Kids    Of course, National Geographic Kids has great videos, information, games, and more!

       50 Simple Science Exp   50 Easy Science Experiments Kids Can Do At Home With Stuff You Already Have,  AND ANOTHER   

    50 Amazingly Simple Science Experiments for Kids at Home   Another 50 Simple Sci Exp

     PBS Design Squad PBSKIDS Design Squad - Find fun STEM design challenges to do at home.

    Sci Show Kids  -- SCISHOW kids videos Check out this amazing YouTube channel on all topics related to science.

     Shedd Aquarium Sea Curious Dive into questions about your favorite animals with a new kids video series from Shedd Aquarium! Designed by kids for kids, each episode answers a question about animals by exploring and having adventures at the aquarium.

    Shedd Aquarium Wild Reef  Also at Shedd Aquarium, 360: Swim with the Sharks at Wild Reef  Immerse yourself in a diver's-eye view of a diverse and colorful marine ecosystem.

     Liberty Science Center at home   -- Liberty Science Center at home: “the place where home scientists can conduct experiments, explore the world of LSC’s animals, find amazing movies to watch, and get inspired about science and technology.”

    Science Buddies   Lots of STEM activities to watch on video and then DO!!

    14 Science Experiments for kids  Two weeks worth of fun and easy science experiments

    Ology   Fun & Interesting games, videos, and activities from the American Museum of Natural History   Directly to GAMES

     Start with a book   This Reading Rockets companion site offers "book suggestions, reading activities, and practical tips for teaching kids to read. Books are categorized by theme so you can choose subjects that you know interest your kid.

    It also offers science activities in its DIY Science Camp.  "Choose a topic such as one of those below, then explore the hands-on activities. You'll also find recommended fiction and nonfiction books plus theme-based apps and websites to deepen the learning."

    Topics include:

    • Be an Inventor "Strengthen creative thinking and problem-solving skills by giving kids interesting challenges. Explore the fun activities be low plus lots of great fiction and nonfiction books for young inventors."
    •  Flight: "We've collected a fleet of fun activities plus lots of great fiction and nonfiction books to help you learn together about flight and flying machines."
    •  The Night Sky: "We've gathered a cluster of fun activities plus lots of great fiction and nonfiction books for young astronomers."
    •  Weather Report: "Build your own rain gauge and anemometer, keep a weather diary, listen to the sound of rain with a homemade rainstick, or create summer snowflakes right in your kitchen." 

        Hello Kids  Lots and Lots of craft how-tos as well as puzzles, games, videos, ebooks, and other activities 

    Intrepid   The Intrepid museum is offering online programs for kids.

    Nat Geo Kids youtube   National Geographic Kids youtube channel

      San Diego Zoo Kids   San Diego Zoo Kids -- live cams, activities, games 

    25 nature webcams  - 25 Nature Webcams for Science Learning at a Distance

    CreatED by Crayola  AND Crayola       Of course, Crayola has great craft and other project Ideas!

     enchanted learning   Basic instructions for a variety of simple crafts