• Welcome to RMS 3D Printing

    To submit projects, drop files in this folder

    Make sure it is an STL file or I can not print it


    Name your file: FirstnameLastname

             ex: JohnDoe

    Color: If you want a specific color you can indicate it in your file name. HOWEVER, if you require a specific color, your item may not be printed in the order it was received. It may have to wait until other items of the same color are ready for printing for efficiency. We can only print in 1 color at a time. See the options at the bottom of this page.

              ex: RED_JohnDoe

    Comments/Corrections/Status: anything you need to know will be added to the beginning of your file name. It is your job to check the file for printing/comment status. I suggest bookmarking the submission folder linked above.

             ex: FloatingObject_JohnDoe

             ex: Tilted_JohnDoe

             ex: Printing_JohnDoe

             ex: Completed_JohnDoe

    When your project is marked as "Completed", you are welcome to come down to the library to collect your item. It will be on the counter near the printer; you may just come in and take it. Be sure to have a pass. Your item will be your return pass as it indicates that you came down for the intended purpose.


    Color Options: