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    The Liberty Ledger - June 2023 - Issue 32

    The Liberty Ledger - May 2023 - Issue 31

    The Liberty Ledger - February 2023 - Issue 30

    The Liberty Ledger - November 2022 - Issue 29


    This Is an advice column for those who need advice! This is a place where you can write anything you need advice for - even if it's about what to wear. All advice given will be anonymous so do not worry :) We hope that we can help as many people as we can - no matter the issue or conflict, big or small. This will be a welcoming place for everybody so don't be shy and seek out some advice 😋


    The Liberty Middle School’s newspaper, The Liberty Ledger, is a student-created newspaper made by the students, for the students. 
    The Liberty Ledger is published 4 times a year. Students are encouraged to write about current events, school news, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, recipes, poetry, or any school-appropriate topic that interests them.  Students can also illustrate and create cartoons. Students will have the opportunity to peer edit their articles during Newspaper Club.

    The Newspaper Club is open to all students. If you are interested in joining The Newspaper Club, please attend one of our meetings. The Liberty Ledger also welcomes student submissions as long as the articles are typed, edited for grammatical errors and emailed to The Newspaper Club advisor.

    The Liberty Ledger