Educational APPS

Language Arts and Math APPS for Educational Fun at Home!

  • Language Arts/Math Educational Videos and Interactive Games


    BrainPOP Jr.

    Kindergarten through grade 3-Free

    Subjects covered are Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts and Technology

    -Critical thinking skills and encourages asking questions and making connections.


    Data Analysis Apps

    -Graphs by Tap to Learn – free

              bar, line, “pie”, mean, median, & mode

    -Mean, Median, Mode, & Range - free

              calculate to check


    Number Sense Apps

    -Mighty Maths 2 LITE – free

              expanded to standard form

    -Full version($1.99) has value and rounding


    General Apps

    -Splash Math - free

              organized by grade levels and strands

              -Full version($4.99) allows access to all strands