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Nikhil Badlani Foundation Youth Advisory Members Testify on Behalf of Bill S2789

WEST ORANGE, NJ - West Orange High School students and Nikhil Badlani Youth Advisory Board members appeared before the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee in Trenton to testify on behalf of Bill S2789 on Nov. 30.

Bill S2789 would require new drivers to practice for 50 hours before receiving their probationary licenses. The bill passed the committee unanimously, and the  Nikhil Badlani Foundation hopes to see passage of the law during this legislative session.

"Thank you to the sponsors of this Bill: Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez, Senator Gordon Johnson, Senator Patrick Diegnan, and Senator Nia Gill," noted NBF's Sangeeta Badlani.

"We are truly blessed to have our Youth  Advisory Board members support this life-saving Bill."

Watch the advisory board members speak HERE starting at 32:30

Youth Advisory Board

West Orange High School and NBF Youth Advisory Board members Bryce Mengden, Tatiana Garcia, Krish Patel and Burhaan Khurram.


Cynthia Cumming
Dec. 1, 2023