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West Orange High School Students Awarded NJDOE Seal of Biliteracy

WEST ORANGE, NJ – 65 West Orange High School students have received the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Seal of Biliteracy, several receiving trilingual and quadrilingual proficiency. 


"The Seal of Biliteracy is an award granted by a school, district, organization, or state in the United States of America, "In recognition of students who have studied and attained proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation," according to the website.


To qualify, a student must be able to speak, read, listen, and write in two or more languages at a high level of proficiency. In order to be eligible for the Seal of Biliteracy, students needed to demonstrate a proficiency level of Intermediate Mid in a World Language and meet State high school graduation requirements in English as measured by State ELA assessments or its alternatives.  


The students who received the Seal of Biliteracy from the NJDOE will receive a certificate signed by the governor as well as an insignia affixed to their transcript. This award generated a high level of student motivation in both the World Language and ESL departments to increase their proficiency levels and will serve them well in their future endeavors.


This year's students were recognized for proficiency in English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, Italian, Portugese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, and Polish.


In 2016, the State of New Jersey became the fifteenth state in the nation to implement a legislated statewide Seal of Biliteracy. 



First Name Last Name Language 1 Language 2 Language 3  
Joaquin Rodrigo Acuna Spanish Italian    
Mariela Alvarez Spanish      
Isabella Angeles Spanish      
Chrismaelie Anselme
Haitian Creole
Emily Ardon Spanish      
Matthew Arizmendi Spanish      
Victoria Benaroya Spanish      
Steve BrizuelaFernandez Spanish      
Maria Cabezas Spanish      
Aleks Cardoza Mejia Spanish      
Brandon Cavero Vasquez Spanish      
Yamilee Kristen Chavez Spanish Italian Portuguese  
Jenny Chen Chinese      
Jhunie Clerveus Haitian Creole French    
Ernishka Clervil
Haitian Creole
Sofia CordobaValencia Spanish Chinese    
Anna Sophia Cordova Spanish Italian Portuguese  
Nathanael Dalencour
Haitian Creole
Elizabeth Duarte Spanish      
Natchenly Fleurisma Spanish
Haitian Creole
Odalis Garcia Pulido Spanish      
Abigail Geronimo Spanish French    
Keren Gouin Dominguez Spanish      
Erica Guallpa Spanish      
Leensay Guilloteau
Haitian Creole
Kimberly Hercules Ramos Spanish      
July Hernandez-Garcia Spanish      
Jasper Hilliard Spanish      
Kevin Humala Spanish      
Katherine Isabella Garcia Italian      
Alexandra Kicior Polish      
Carolina LaTorre Spanish      
Gabrielle Lecour French      
Glenda Luna Spanish      
Loucille Magloire French
Haitian Creole
Maria MarinTobar Spanish      
Richardt Morocho Spanish      
Joseph Nalieth Italian      
Brandon Olivera Spanish      
Karin Alexa Palomino Spanish Italian    
Isabella Pappano Spanish Italian    
Brunella Paredes Spanish      
Felipe Ponce Hernan Spanish      
Diana Rendon Spanish      
Gabriel Reyna Italian      
Samantha Rhew Korean      
Elizabeth Rivera Spanish      
Sebastian Adrian Rivero Spanish Italian    
Melani Rodriguez Spanish      
Isabella Saade Spanish      
Matthew Salazar Spanish      
Jahaira Santisteban Spanish French    
Evelyn Silva Herrera Spanish      
Daniela Paolina Tacuri Andrade Spanish Italian    
Katerin Tamay Spanish      
Christopher Tamay Spanish      
Maya Tobin Spanish Hebrew    
Salome Valencia Spanish      
Danna Vela Mendoza Spanish      
Diego VelaEspejo Spanish      
Justin Vera Spanish Italian    
Thaina Vera Spanish      
Anayelli Denise Vigo Spanish      
Julieta Villafan Crocett Spanish      
Maria Giovanna Winning Italian      


Seal of Biliteracy

Cynthia Cumming
May 18, 2020