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Edison Middle School Students Apply Newton’s Laws to Yoga Classes

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Edison Middle School students applied scientific principles to a yoga class taught by parent Betsy Stephens while learning how to relax and stretch.


On Dec. 21 gym classes were converted into yoga classes that gave students a kinesthetic, cross-curricular lesson centered around Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.


Science teacher Kimberly Covington and Stephens designed a yoga class correlating with the Forces and Motion unit of study so that students could experience Newton’s three laws through yoga poses and demonstration.  Physical Education teachers helped to ensure all students were able to participate.


In addition to the physical components, which included specific poses and breathing exercises, Stephens introduced concepts of character education and relaxation to students, encouraging them to utilize yoga when feeling stressed or angry and discussed healthy food choices as well.


“This week, all Edison students stretched their bodies and extended their learning thanks to Ms. Stephens,” said West Orange School District Supervisor Stephanie Suriano.


“Her knowledge of Newton’s laws and her ability to motivate students to apply and explain those laws through yoga was amazing,” she continued.


“The science teachers, students and administration are most appreciative of Ms. Stephens’ time and expertise,” Suriano concluded.


See all the photos from one of Betsy Stephens’ yoga classes here.


Yoga at EMS

Parent and yoga instructor Betsy Stephens leads students in yoga poses.

 Yoga at EMS

Students enjoy the class.

 Yoga at EMS

Breathing and relaxation exercises follow.

 Yoga at EMS

Science teacher Kimberly Covington.

Cynthia Cumming