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Celebrity Authors and National Meteorologist Visit Washington Elementary School

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Chelsea Clinton, Kevin Hart, Dr. Ben Carson, author Andrea Beaty, and Fox weatherman John Marshall have all paid a visit to Washington Elementary School during the school year, either virtually or in person.

Washington Reading Specialist Wendi Giuliano said, “We have been very fortunate with author mentors this year! We learned so much from all of these amazing authors and leaders.”

Andrea Beaty



Ben Carson

Also in December, Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy held a webinar with students. Dr. Carson read his book "Why America Matters" and other holiday favorites.



"We were excited to see and hear from Ms.Clinton," explained Guiliano.

"She was the guest speaker for a workshop on STEMinist READS. This webinar visit focused on the many accomplishments of women in history and showcased Ms. Clinton along with other authors that have made female accomplishments a highlight in history. It was very exciting."

After a long delay due to the pandemic, weatherman John Marshall brought his meteorology presentation to Washington on Feb. 3. Marshall boasts a 23-year career as a weatherman on CBS2 and WNBC Channel 4. He currently works at FOX Weather, a national weather streaming platform.

Marshall brought his “John’s Weather Tour” to teach students about meteorology and give them the opportunity to become weathercasters for the day. Kindergarten teacher Katherine Fitzpatrick helped to arrange the visit.






Cynthia Cumming
Feb. 11, 2022