• To create a learning environment where many different educational activities take place.
    • To teach lessons on library skills, technology, and book genres.
    • To instill in every child the joy of reading for pure pleasure.
    • To help students become lifelong learners by introducing them to current books & technology. 
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    When does my child attend the library? 
    Library lessons for each class are scheduled once weekly. Sometimes a class may miss their library period due to school closings or other events. Makerspace periods may be available to students in specific grades who wish to build upon their regularly scheduled library experience.
    What can my child borrow from the library?
    • Students are given the opportunity to borrow books of their choosing. The purpose of the LMC is to provide students with diverse choices so they can choose books for a variety of reasons, not just to improve their reading.
    • Students may choose a nonfiction book to look at the pictures, gather interesting facts, or learn new information about a topic of interest.
      Others may choose to re-read a favorite book, challenge their skills with higher-level text, or choose something based on a friend's recommendation.
    • Please remember that reading with your children, whether they can read independently or not, is a worthwhile experience & a way to introduce more challenging material. Please do it often!
    How many books can my child borrow?
    • Kindergarten and first graders borrow 1 book at a time, and are expected to return their books on or before the day of their next library class.
    • 2nd - 5th graders may get 2 books at a time and keep books for 2 weeks.
    • Students may keep books longer by asking to have them renewed. Additional books may be borrowed periodically for classroom assignments or specialized events.
    What if a book is lost or damaged?
    It happens to all of us! Even the most organized people can lose or accidentally damage a book. It's okay - here's what to do:
    • Since books are considered school property towards which the BOE has budgeted money, it is a WO Schools policy to request reimbursement. The price will be listed on the overdue notice which may be printed and sent home with your child or sent electronically. Prices are taken directly from the company website in which a replacement book would be purchased. If no replacement is available, the original price for which the book was purchased will be displayed.
    • In most cases, students who fail to return or pay for library books before summer vacation will be suspended from borrowing books the following school year until all outstanding returns and fines have been taken care of. This applies to students moving up to the middle school & high school levels as well. 
    • What if paying for lost library materials presents a hardship? Please don't hesitate to contact me via the information listed on Mt. Pleasant's Home Page to work something out. I promise it'll be an easier conversation than you'd imagine! You can help your child by finding a safe place to keep library books at home and by reminding them to return their books on library day.
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    Mt. Pleasant's library has fiction and non-fiction books pertaining to all areas of the curriculum as well as general information and just plain fun. A variety of topics are offered here. Students can always find something on our shelves that will pique their interest. We also have access to the Internet and online databases that students can use for research.
    Early Readers - Simple text & stories for beginners
    Picture Books - For anyone who enjoys a short story - text levels vary
    Early Chapter Books - Great for those transitioning from Early Readers and Picture Books, popular among grades 1-2
    Fiction & Series Fiction - Chapter & series books recommended for grades 2 - 5
    Biographies - Various life stories on athletes, influential men & women, celebrities, musicians, and more - text levels vary
    Non-Fiction - Popular topics are animals, cooking, drawing & crafts, sports, unexplained mysteries, fairytales, science, and space - text levels vary
    Graphic Novels - Many of our most beloved series as well as brand new & independent novels are now available in graphic form. These books read like comics, and contain pictures on every page with dialogue in speech bubbles. Non-fiction titles are also available - text levels vary
    Ebooks - We have many titles suited for various grade levels available in electronic book format. Visit MackinVIA, Follett Ebooks, and PebbleGO on our Library Home Page.
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