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    Difficult? Work together with your friends or family!

    What are Digital Escape Rooms? A digital escape is about solving clues to advance to the next level and 'beat the game'. Most games involve escaping in some way :). All you need is your internet ready device and some brain power!


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    Click above & scroll down.

    WARNING: These can be tricky!

    ** Divided into ALL grade levels from K-12 **

    I won't lie - I didn't make it through 4th grade science! But I know some of you out there will! ~Miss Bleeke

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    If you're a fan of Dog Man, you'll definitely want to click on Dog Man to try this out!

    Reading required, so ask for help if you need it!

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    For all you HP fans out there - this one's for YOU!

    Even if you haven't read all of the books (like me m ), this one is fun.

    If you're rusty, be ready to look up some Harry Potter facts!