Advanced Architectural & Engineering Design

  • Advanced Architectural and Engineering Design is the capstone course in the Architectural and Engineering Design program where students apply their technical drawing and design skills through problem-solving based projects. Students master AutoCAD and 3D digital software to deepen their knowledge of using 3D printing as a design and modeling tool.  Projects include: designing their own architectural studio, tiny house, furniture, skyscraper, and design their very own dream house! Our Architectural and Engineering Studio contains cutting-edge technologies such as a professional multi-functional plotter, industry-leading 2D and 3D software, and four dynamic 3D printers. Throughout the year students maintain a college level portfolio of their projects and build on presentation skills.


    Learning Outcomes

    After Completing this Course Students will be able to:

    • Compose sets of drawings needed to showcase design work
    • Problem Solve real-world concerns
    • Investigation on careers related to Architecture & Engineering
    • College level portfolio
    • Use AutoCAD as a real-world application for drafting technical drawings
    • Use Rhino as a real-world application for 3D modeling