Architectural & Engineering Design 2

  • Architectural and Engineering Design II builds upon the skills acquired in the previous class, AED I. Students will focus on utilizing computer-aided drawing software applications in the fields of Architecture and Engineering. Students use the latest AutoCAD and Rhino software to produce 2D designs and explore 3D modeling and prototyping. Through prototyping, students will become familiar with the functions of our state of the art 3D printers. One such project is where students design and 3D print their own cell phone case!


    Learning Outcomes

    After Completing this Course Students will be able to:

    • Compose sets of drawings needed to showcase design work
    • Problem Solve & Design 3D objects
    • Knowledge of careers related to Architecture & Engineering
    • Use AutoCAD as a real-world application to produce technical drawings
    • Explore Rhino as a real-world application for 3D modeling