Architectural & Engineering Design 1

  • This is a foundational course for the Architecture and Engineering Design Program. The fundamentals of drafting are introduced and applied through freehand sketching, mechanical drawings, and 3D design. Students will gain knowledge on the basics of drafting by learning about abstract visualization through multi-view drawings of physical objects and 3D digital software. Students will also examine the necessity of a variety of technical drawings to accurately represent the “designed environment” which surrounds them. Students are introduced to the art of hand-drafting, Autodesk TinkerCad and 3D Printers (LulzBot, Ultimaker & MakerBot). Students will also use the design process to solve authentic problems and project their solutions in drawings and digital format.


    Learning Outcomes

    After Completing this Course Students will be able to:

    • Determine the correct use of drafting instruments
    • Accurately measure and scale objects
    • Read and interpret small-scale architectural drawings
    • Draw simple and complex orthographic projections of 3D objects
    • Create drawings showcasing 3-dimensional spaces
    • Use Proper Drafting techniques
    • Knowledge on careers related to technical Drawing
    • Familiarity with 3D printing software and printers (TinkerCAD, Cura)