5th Grade Lessons

and when they should be bringing their instrument to school.  All Students will need their instrument on Thursdays as we have our weekly full band rehearsal during recess.

How to read the schedule:

1) Identify your Group by finding our name.   

2) Find the date/week of lessons.  Read down until you find your letter. 

3) Trace back to the left to find out what time you should be coming for your lesson.


Please note that students will only be pulled from Science, Social Studies, and Specials (Art, Music, Language ie Spanish)Students will only miss a special or academic class for 30 minutes once a week.  Because the schedule rotates, they should not be missing the same class more than once every 5 weeks.  Students are responsible for any work missed from their academic classes when they come for their music lesson.

Please contact Mr. Lagatic with any questions or concerns that you may have


Mt. Pleasant 5th Grade Fall 2016.pdf, 65.47 KB; (Last Modified on September 20, 2016)