• Smart Music is an interactive music software program that is revolutionizing the way students interact with their musical experience.  Students have the ability to practice at home and receive instant feedback as if they were in school with their teacher.  Additionally, Smart Music is paired with many music publishers to offer many method books and sheet music (such as concert pieces, solos) while hearing the band play along with them.
    Sound Innovations:  One of the major advantages of this new method book is that it allows you to experience a free trial of Smart Music by unlocking Sound Innovations Book 1 for free.  Simply download Smart Music, create an account and enter the code "SIBAND" to unlock the use of book 1.  This will provide you with unlimited use of Sound Innovations Book 1 exercises only, none of the other features of the program are accessible unless you purchase a yearly subscription. 
    Begin your journey with Smart Music by clicking  here.
    1.  Visit the link above.
    2.  Click on "Redeem a Code"
    3.  Create an account (under 13 requires parental consent)
    4.  When prompted, enter your redeem code "SIBAND"
    5.  Find and download our book by clicking on "Find Music", "Method Books", "Sound Innovations", "download for later".
    6.  Sound Innoavtions should now appear in your library under "Method Books".
    7.  Begin practicing!
    For more information and tutorials on how to download Smart Music, Redeem Codes, or find music, refer to the tutorial videos on the Smart Music website.