About Redwood Elementary School

  • Redwood School is proud of its harmonious relationship between our highly qualified teachers, parents and students. Our efforts are designed to create a safe, engaging and productive school environment which values the unique qualities of each student. Interaction with students is designed to enhance self-esteem and promote responsible, respectful conduct. Students feel important and discover that the educational process is exciting, rewarding, and never-ending. Redwood School is committed to developing each child's abilities to the fullest. We aspire to instill in all our students, the knowledge and decision making skills to make appropriate choices and thoughtfully address challenges in their lives.

    Special activities occur within the school year where families become an integral part of our students' learning. Our PTA is extremely active and most supportive of the instructional program and the district’s goals for the 2014-2015 school year. Family Activity Nights highlighting exercise and nutrition activities; Family Math and Literacy Events; School Spirit Days; The School Store; The Award Winning PTA After School Enrichment Program; Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Spelling Bees, Student Book Fairs and Science Fairs are enjoyed by all. Family Language Arts / Math are planned for teaching parents and students to work as a partnership while improving skills and enjoying the time together. The Nature’s Heart Garden will again be prepared for the growing season this spring. Students, parents and faculty have the opportunity to plant, to water and to harvest the crops that are grown. The garden encourages teachers to use interdisciplinary strategies addressing Health, Science, Language Arts and Math concepts. Parent volunteers assist each year with this exciting program.

    Students' musical talents are featured in our annual winter and spring concerts. Students in the school band, school orchestra, Fifth Grade Chorus and the Chamber Chorus give performances at school and various venues in Essex County. Student academic abilities are featured in Third, Fourth and Fifth grade Spring Spelling Bees. Participants in the spelling bees are selected based upon their spelling performance in their classroom throughout the school year. Each participant is presented with a certificate and/or trophy. Each Spring the students in third, fourth, and fifth grade have the opportunity to audition for the Redwood School Talent Show. It is most exciting to our see our students share their talents in our annual performance directed by our faculty advisors.

    Grade Four and Five students elect classmates to form our student government. The Student Government and the faculty advisor plan special year-round school events. Our Fifth Grade Safety Patrol is comprised of students recommended by their classroom teachers for demonstrating qualities of responsibility and dependability. The Girl Scout Coat Drive, Canned Food Drives for the Food Pantry, and Walkathons are held to raise monies for specific charities including service projects that are planned each year.

    Fifth grade students at Redwood School have the opportunity to participate in the Conflict Resolution Program as Peer Mediators. The students apply for the mediator position and receive a two day training program to learn and to practice the strategies of Peer Mediation. This has been a most successful program at Redwood School. Our School Safety Team has planned exciting activities for the students and faculty to celebrate the special weeks during the school year including the Week of Respect. A highlight of their week was the Mix-It- up Lunch day. Students were able to have lunch with their classmates from other classes at their grade level. Other weeks to celebrate include School Violence Awareness Week, School Bus Safety Week and Red Ribbon Week in the fall. Focusing on these themes reinforces the message to our students about making good choices all the time.

    Redwood student’s work on reinforcing academic skills and addressing core curriculum content standards with advanced technology our new Math program, EVERYDAY MATH challenges all students to make math connections daily .The blocked period for Math enhances the implementation of this constructivist approach to math instruction. Our Literacy Program includes a new writing program and a new Reading program. Character education is enhanced with the Pillars of Character Curriculum .On a monthly basis while implementing the themes; students make connections to all areas of the curriculum with the six character education themes. SMARTBOARDS are in all grade level classrooms. This past year our school was selected to receive a SMARTABLE. Students are actively engaged in the designed activities for the lesson at the SMARTABLE.

    This year the district has adopted a keyboarding program for third, fourth and fifth grade students to use in preparation for the new state testing program, PARCC. Students have the opportunity to use laptops for classroom practice or they can work in the school’s computer lab to practice their keyboarding skills. Students will be able to practice the same keyboarding program on their home computers.

    At Redwood School you will always find H.E.A.R.T. - Help, Encouragement, Affirmation, Respect and Tolerance. This standard is reflected in all we do and say each day at Redwood School. Throughout the year students, teachers and parents work together to demonstrate the H.E.A.R.T. attributes. Activities may include Socks for the Homeless, the Thanksgiving Food Drive in coordination with the Community Food Bank and the Mayor's Holiday Sunshine Fund. In the past the faculty has donated holiday gifts to support the Girl Scouts. At Redwood School, students are encouraged to participate as fully as possible, to strive to do their very best in their academic activities and to take full advantage of the many resources here at Redwood. Together we can begin to build a bright, productive, and promising life for tomorrow.

    Mr. Tim Beaumont
    (973) 669-5457