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West Orange Students Show Pride at Annual Expo

WEST ORANGE, NJ - West Orange students displayed their talents at the annual Pride Expo, sponsored by the Essex County Education Association and held at the Livingston Mall March 15-22.


The West Orange High School award-winning Boys and Girls Step teams performed at the opening ceremony on March 15 along with the Jubilee Choir.


Pride Expo

 Boys Step Team.

Pride Expo

Girls Step Team.

Pride Expo

 Jubilee Choir


Pride Essay winners were also announced: 


ES Essay

Third Grade - 1st Place

Student: Leena  Abdelghany   -  Kelly Elementary   
Teacher: Ms. McGovern


Fifth Grade - 1st Place (No photo available)

Student: Ayla Ramos  - Washington Elementary 
Teacher: Ms. Brennan


WOHS Essay

Ninth Grade - 1st Place

Student: Nadolf Tagoe  - West Orange High School
Teacher: Ms. Sullivan 


Special exhibits, including a 3-D Display organized with Edison Library Media Specialist Sandy Bochese and Liberty Library Media Specialist Lisa Touzeau, highlighted students' talents with the new technology at several West Orange Schools. Artwork from across the district was mounted and various departments provided information about district programs.


Expo Fitness

 PE Display

3D Expo

 3D Display

Other highlights of the week included musical, dance, and vocal performances from each school in the district.






Cynthia Cumming
March 29, 2019